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Sport-Specific Ministry

What is SSM?

FCA Sport-Specific Ministry provides opportunities to serve athletes and coaches in the sport(s) where their greatest passion lies. FCA Sports exists for those who have:

  • A passion for Jesus Christ
  • A passion for their sport
  • A passion to reach people in their sport for Christ

This is accomplished by the development of a sport-specific strategy and network.

FCA Sport-Specific Ministry (SSM) impacts specific sports communities for Christ by ministering to coaches and athletes united around a particular sport. The opportunities to impact athletes and coaches are growing every day as an astounding 44 million youth under the age of 18 participate in organized youth sports in America*. The Sport-Specific Ministry strategy provides avenues to serve coaches and athletes in the sport(s) where their greatest passion lies.

*National Council of Youth Sports, 2008

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