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Job Opportunities

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FCA unites two passions, faith and athletics, to impact the world for Jesus Christ. We’ve been on one mission for over 60 years. Our staff are fully aligned with our Vision and Mission and living out the FCA Values in ministering “to and through the coach” for the greatest influence. Discover more about FCA

Our Vision

To see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.

Our Mission 

To lead every coach and athlete into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and His church.

Our Strategy

We pursue our vision and mission through the strategy of to and through the coach.  We see ministry first to coaches hearts, marriages and families. Then, when ready, we minister through coaches to their fellow coaches, teams and athlete leaders. 

As FCA matures, we seek to make disciples through the methods of engaging, equipping and empowering coaches and athletes to know and grow in Christ and lead others to do the same.

Explore a career of challenge and personal fulfillment that integrates your passion for God and sports. We invite you to learn about the many opportunities with FCA across the country and around the world!